Wednesday, December 01, 2010


December should be a month full of delights for me. From all the month in each year I had passed in my life, maybe December gives the most memorable moments. The first thing that I still remember from the start of my teen age is that I started to be fond of Harry Potter by this month on 2002, an 11 year-old girl, not qualified enough to be called as teenage though. Why should I mention this by the way, well it’s quite changed me in some ways, my way of thinking, my behaviour, my perception, and maybe my knowledge and many other things. Since I was an elementary school girl, I had habitually saved my pocket money to buy some books at least once a month. And so becoming the reader of J. K. Rowling’s books was just like met the point, just like making me a book eater *over-sentenced, sorry* I started to be Gramedia’s routine customer. See, it’s my behaviour changed, and more I was also one of the routine visitor of my English Course’s library, haha, kinda bookworm. That habit remains until now, although I don’t spend more money like I did earlier years. And somehow I just kinda liking the Britain, I prefer Britain English to American, I was interested the English habit like tea time or something, maybe because the influence of the Harry book haha. Tapi ya maap aja kalo unsur Britain dalam tulisan gua ini tidak eksplisit, udah lama ga pake English Britain hehe.
Secondly, the great five days with my brothers and sisters of twenty second, think I’ve mention this quite a lot on my prior post. The amazing days changed me in sooo many ways, great thanks to Pasmalima :) From the Kawah Ratu accident on someone’s birthday and on Christmas day for somenone, till the great inauguration that declared the nine of us as the new members of the family, dated 28th December 2006. And this year’ll be the 4th birthday for my beloved twenty second :)
Well that’s the two main moments I had on Decembers. There’re still a lot of things I got on this last year of the month. Maybe I have written some on this page, like the refreshing trips last year, my first out on new year eve *oh like please*, et cetera.
Sooo, i heart December :D


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