Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just An Im

i could almost feel the smell of the leaves
smell the freshness of the air around me, and the rain
see in distance something up there

i could almost feel so ready to walk
so ready to take the load
so ready to be around the trees and bushes
so ready to be on something high again, but a new one

i am so ready to be in the rain again
to walk on the water again
to step on the mud again

i see my fellas laugh while they walk
i see my fellas yell at me to be hurry
i see the cloud above me, the sun shinning never been so bright but do not heat
i see the ground under me so humid for the previous day rain

and when the sun come out
i see the bright sickle above
accompany me
and also the twinkling dots, so many of them

this is what i've been waiting for
the untitled dream but unbreakable

then i see myself on the top of the new one
new high ground above the sea level for me
i see my fellas too, they're hugging each other, yelling for happiness, tears of joyful on their faces
i see all of us praying, thanking God for being there
i see the magnificent drawing all around me
i'm on the peak!

but then i fell down
and after all,
it was just me and my imagination
8:04 PM 5/23/2010
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