Monday, January 31, 2011

My Friend Out There =)

i just can't believe that you have come that far. just can't figure out how a person full of life like you could suffer so much, in this our young age. i know that there's some young people were just like you, blessed with suffers, diseases, defects, abnormality. but i did never think that it could come to you, a close friend of mine.
i know your updates are always around nerve, doctors, awful diseases, desperation, and other awkward tweets. but you know what, in times we met, when i came to your grandma's house, when we watched The Tourist together with our bestfriends and your brother, i just didn't feel that a terrible illness is happening to you, i really was. you were just like the person i always used to know, the cheerful person, gak nyambung, telat, love mountains, have so many visions. so full of life, you know.
i won't say much, but i really hope - and i'm sure our friends are just like me - that you can life freely again, without wheelchair, not in penguin-style walking, just blow away that awful thing which is happening to you.
we love you our friend *kiss hug* *tears*
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