Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wind Wind Wind-

These last few days, wind blows, I say, in an abnormal way. And I hate wind. Yes, from all of the natures things, sun, wind, soil, water, snow, I HATE WIND the most.
I had two bad memories about wind. First is when my friends and I held a Pelantikan Pasma for the coming new member of Pasma (called CaPAL). We hiked Mountain Salak till the top. By the half of the adventure, it was about 3 in the afternoon, something was wushing. All of us fell silence. My senoir said that it wasn't a good thing. And when we arrived at the top of Salak, we finally felt it, the wind was very rude, the clouds were covered with fog, and the night was terrible. Our tent was almost blown by the wind all night long. When the morning had come, the wind were still threatening us, but we had to continue our journey to the basecamp down there. With the rushing wind around us, we walked. This is a video taken by my friend. That very wind is terribly scary.

The second is when I was going home to my home from my campus. It was raining cats and dogs, but there wasn't any blow yet. Suddenly when I was about 4 kms from my home, the wind started to blow, not strong enough to unstable me yet. But then it blew so strong that I nearly lost my control on my Mojo, terrrrrible, but luckily I could drive my Mojo, so slowly. The road was full of tree branches, small board written "WARTEL", leaves, whoah. I was moaning, goraning while struggling with the wind. And I hate wind ever since.


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