Friday, December 17, 2010

Mojo and I's Trip to Nowhere

So it was Thursday, 16 December 2010 from about 1.00 pm till about 4.00 pm
I’ve arranged this trip from last week, but actually I’ve planned this from a half year ago. The thought of my senior’s word kept stuck inside my crumple head, “Lo ga kenal daerah sini? SMA ngapain aja? Maen-maen lah di sekitar Bogor. Jangan maen di kotanya doang.” Ya something like that, I reckon. Well, it wasn’t directly headed for me actually, but I heard my senior said it to my friend, Edo, once he was lost around Caringin-Sukabumi, which is still near Kabupaten Bogor.
So, on last mid-year I was attempting to arrange a plan, a simple trip just around Bogor. I was just dare to formulate the plan by that time because I’d just been permitted to ride a motorcycle, hehe, so at least I have the main means to wandering around – transportation. Alas, I had no time to make it, been busy with the orientation of my faculty and department in campus. But then, I had a little time after my last class on Thurs, I decided to have some journey on that day.
I was planning to go to Cisarua before I found on Google Map that it was quite far for an amateur for me hehehe. I didn’t know that I have to pass across Puncak – see, I was just the same as Edo haha – before I could get there. Once I realised that I have to travel across the ups and downs road on Puncak – by myself – I started to scuffle the plan. And Devinta, my friend, she was attempting to ruin my plan by saying, “Nu, ujan, nu. Kalopun di sini ga ujan, belum tentu di sana ga ujan juga.” Blablablah. But I said “Bukan gua namanya kalo ga nekat, de” *ain’t mean to be arrogant, hehe*
So I tried various alternatives, Devinta said, “Ke Rancamaya aja, Nu, masih lumayan deket kan itu mah.” But my feeling said that I shouldn’t even try, I didn’t know why, but I often trust my feeling. So I kept finding another destination – I did it even when the statistics class had not finished yet – that might be safe for me to jump over there. There was an idea, Cihideung, still a bit doubt, though.
When the class had finished, Devinta and I ate soto with Rena, that was the part of my plan, eat, pray – not love – and leave. So then we prayed, they – Devinta and Rena – had a class after that, and I left. I had not sure yet about my decision actually, although I’d chosen Cihideung for the brief plan.
First pit stop was the gas station across the Dramaga Cantik, already worn the raincoat, just in case the rain came rushing again. Fuelled up, I continued to Laladon-Gunung Batu-Pasir Kuda-Empang. It was raining lightly. But ya, I was so determined, so I kept on going. There was no more time to think, so I decided, Cihideung, yes, but just looking around. Before I reached the turnoff that head to Cihideung, I stopped for a minute, checked my phone, repositioned my helmet since it was torturing my head – actually my hair bun did it, LOL – it was like pressing my head and made me in head-pain.
And so it started. I drove through the narrow road; my last time there was when I was convoying to the Pasma’s Buka Bareng on August with Edo, Resti, Moko, Vito, and some other. The rain had gone more tamely, by the way. I kept my speed, constantly, since I just want to relish the day. Kept my raincoat on because it protected me from the wind. I was planning to take some pit stops, first on a minimarket and another stop in a mosque, but I was too excited to make a stop. So I just kept on driving hahaha. And yet, it was still an iseng-iseng trip, I didn’t have any check point that I wanted to reach.
I didn’t remember the exact time I started this journey from my campus, but it was about 1 pm. I was just keep driving, enjoying the road, myself, motivating my Mojo – I’m sorry for being a bit insane – because the road was slanting upward, up, up, and up. I was afraid Mojo couldn’t make the way up, but Alhamdulillah we passed the climb. I was singing and chatting with Mojo along the road. Soon I decided when I think I had gone far enough, I will turn around and back to Bogor again.
Oh ya, actually I ever travelled to Sukabumi via Cihideung, and I knew that there’s a T-junction marked Bogor-Caringin-Sukabumi. From Bogor (via Cihideung) Caringin is to the left and Sukabumi is to the right. So I was hoping that I will find the T-junction that I’ve known before, but I DIDN’T HOPE so much.
Then soon I realised that I’d gone far enough, I passed The Duren Warso Garden, then I laughed – not so loudly, some people were by the road, realising that I had gone quite far, for a skinny tiny little flat girl, easily blown by the wind – if the wind is strong enough, beginner mountaineer, amateur automatic motor rider, and I was all by myself!
Then I felt it was my time to turn around, it’s enough. I searched for a suitable paths or road banks that I could take to make a turn. But I couldn’t find any – or maybe I didn’t want to find it yet hehe. Actually I’d be happier if I found the way back to Bogor not via the same way, but just if I found the T-junction.
So I kept driving, found another familiar landmark, the Maseng ‘railway station’ – if we may call it so, driving more slowly, felt the green, green things around me, rice fields, hills, some small rivers. Until I found that I recognised the surrounding, a small football yard with one goal pole and a pink house nearby, I looked more forwardly, and I saw it, THE T-JUNCTION!! Waa, I really had gone quite far, that T-junction is so close to Sukabumi, I’m outta Bogor by my own self direction :DD *sorry if I got a bit hyperbolic, but I’m a homebody type, I don’t go out, hanging out quite lot to different cities, so I rarely reached something like this, I know my college friends are often travels home by themselves, but I was born in Bogor, live here, from kindergarten till now college, all I have in this city*
Back to my ‘journey’. So I turned left, to Caringin, as I ever did months ago with my friends. I also have known that by the end of the intersection, there’s a minimarket, an Indomaret if I weren’t mistaken and the Indomaret is post in front of a large road, the main road of Caringin. I drove through the green environment again; saw a funny yellow square mosque in the middle of a field, passed over a broke down truck by the rice field. I really wanted to take some shoot with my phone, but I was worried that some people might see me hehe.
After about 10 minutes or so, I felt the road was getting more crowded. And then yes, I saw the intersection again. I turned left again – the Indomaret is on the right, but it was Alfamart actually – followed the road, and then I saw that there was a quite heavy traffic on the road. The road is heading to Bogor via Ciawi – again if I’m not mistaken. I stopped by the Caringin traditional market, similar like in Pasar Merdeka but far more clearer. I turned off my motor engine, wore off my coat, check-in on foursquare *LOL*, put on my gloves, and put back my phone to my pocket. Then I saw, it’s traffic, I didn’t want to have any traffic, and I’m on refreshing. So I decided to turn around and I would go back to Bogor via the same way I got there – Caringin.
So I drove again, then I realised that the road which was full with the traffic, is heading to Bogor via Ciawi, and also passed the gate of Rancamaya. See, my feeling was right, maybe that’s why I didn’t took Devinta’s suggestion to go to Rancamaya, as far as I remember, there’s always traffic jam there, always, whenever I pass that area.
When I entered the small road, I saw Salak, magnificently standing there in front of me. I was just like dancing and yelling on Mojo hahaha. I built up my courage; I took my phone out of my pocket, and captured one shot.

Then I shot Mojo too

After that, I looked around, well, I was opposite to the yellow square mosque and there are a lot of young men, I thought, in the terrace of the mosque. When I turned my face again, they whistled on me, Y.U.C.K, rural people, I called them so. So I drove Mojo again, but just about two minutes, I couldn’t help my admiration feeling of seeing Mountain Salak, I’m fond of Salak. I stopped by the road bank again and took another zoomed shot with my standard camera phone.

After I felt enough, I continued my journey. Oh ya, I stopped twice when I passed Duren Warso and passed Pamoyanan Hijau Housing, the place of Pasma’s Buka Bareng last August, what for? Checked-in on foursquare LOL.
When I almost reached the intersection in Batu Tulis, suddenly came an idea, I want to make a visit to Botani Square hehe, so I drove through Batu Tulis-BTM-Babakan Pasar-Kujang-Botani Square. I went to Gramedia, just looking around then left. I bought two breads from BreadTalk then off to the parking lot again, haha, so garing ya. When I was about to reached the motor parking, I saw two people, standing opposite one another around one of the poles in the parking lot, sometimes running around the pole – like that on India movies. I thought I know the boy, whoa, it’s Edo! Ngahaha. He was with Njus, his ex-girlfriend or maybe they’re back together again, I didn’t know yet until my other friend, Mbil, told me that they’re back together again. I jumped over the pole, and then Edo saw me, “Ih, Nunu!” Then we chatted a bit about the coming Pelantikan Pasma, and they were about to leave too. So we got back to our motors.
I left the parking lot first, waved goodbye to them and then left Botani. Then I drove home via Warung Jambu-underpass-Yasmin-Semplak then hooooome :)
So that was my journey on Thurs. I am going to plan the next trip, hehe, after New Year maybe.

P.S. Maaf kalo bahasa gua terlalu berantakan, sedang mencoba menggunakan kembali Bahasa Inggris gua yang sudah lamaaaa sekali tidak terpakai.


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