Thursday, August 18, 2016

Preambule Comeback Post

I think I must apologise for my blog and also for myself. It's been 2 years since my last post! Well, I've been writing manually, with pen and pencil, yes, on a book, yes. Just an unfinished memoar of my Wanderer Man. What kinda love-to-write person I am haha.
So, actually, I have few writings I saved on my phone. I was going to post them on my Instagram, but the caption would be too long I think. Instead, I'll post them as my comeback posts to this blog.
Now, let me think about it. Why did I skip blogging?
First, maybe, because I tend to back to pen and paper. I always love how my fingers and my pen created the letters.
Maybe, also, I found another way, a simpler way to post something. Yep, Instagram and another social media.
And maybe, well, adult cliché problems, I've got no time. My timetable has turned into 7am-6pm office hour (including the trip) then continued to 6pm-8pm teaching private class. And yeees, gaming was pretty relaxing for my hectic brain.
I just hope that I can reduce my gaming time and write more. Just like I did. About anything. I neither do fashion nor make-ups so I can not be a beautyblogger or fashionblogger whatsoever. I travel less than before (no enough free time, sadly), so I have nothing about tavel to tell. So I'm gonna bore you all, I'll write about anything. Anything that cross my mind.
Nurul - even she drafted her perambule comeback post two times.


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