Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, so yesterday I had a trekking with Resty, Nuga and Septa. Resty and I drove to Mang Koko on Resty’s motorcycle, Septa on his, and Nuga caught us up on his too. In our way to Mang Koko I just couldn’t stop smiling :) :) :) :) I was soooooooo happy hahahaha and I felt so free :D
Resty, Septa and I arrived first. We waited for Nuga while having a little talk with Mang Koko. Nuga was soooo late that we started to walk nearly mid day. And again I kept smiling while we were walking inside the forest, ha ha ha ha. Miss Salak so much :*
Oh yaa, Salak yesterday was never been as dry as I’ve ever seen it before, although still some spots of mud, but just not like the usual Cibatok track I used to know hehe. And that was the cleanest trekking on Cibatok track I have ever had hahahaha.
The main thing I want to deliver is that, I just feel that I haven’t felt my life in quite a balance condition, like yesterday. I finished my mid exam then having fun with my very best hobby, mountaineering, ya although just a little walk, yang penting bercumbu sama Salak. Ya, balance, rasanya udah lama ga ngerasa hidup seimbang antara kuliah sama hobi. Though a couples of weeks ago I tried diving, but still mountaineering is my favourite outdoor hobby :D Just like a phrase, ‘study hard, play hard’ hehe. Yah and now just pray and hope that my exam result will make me smile again :D AMIN


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