Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Saturday, 9 February 1991 – 7.50 am

I was born with 48 centimetres long and 2,5 kilograms weight. Quite small right? And it remains until now hahaha.
This was my foot palm *am I correct? hehe* on the day I was born

I live my life like the other ordinary girl, went to kindergarten near my home, continued to elementary school, junior high, senior high, and then I go to college now. So...

Wednesday, 9 February 2011 – ± 7.35 am

“knock knock!”
*door opened*
“selamat ulang tahun, selamat ulang tahun”
Hilman appeared in the doorway, held a cake on his hand. I can’t say I wasn’t surprise hehe. He even had not mentioned my birthday yet since we were texting an hour before. Then he fired the candle and let me blew the number twenty upon my cake :D
Maybe you can say it was just a sweet simple surprise, but for me it was like a one superb splendid surprise. :D He isn’t the type of morning-person and in quite early morning like that he came into my house which is far far away from nowhere hahaha. So, the half of the day, I spent just lazing around him, chatting as usual, telling jokes, watching CSI Miami *it was just me tough haha*, and of course eating the birthday cake! :D And he sang happy birthday again hahaha. Thank you being here today honey :)
So, twenty, just release the teen-age, entering ‘umur kepala dua’. This could be the point, the point when someone’s life may change. More responsibilities to handle, more challenges to take, more chances to take, and more changes to make. I am really thankful that I reach this age without any meaningful hard or difficult situations. I am really thankful that I am on my age now. Less than a year ago I lost a friend, though I didn’t that close to her, but it was quite shocking. And less than a month ago I lost another friend, he was my elementary schoolmate, leukaemia took him. You could never really guess age; life is too worth to be wasted and could be too short to be faced.
This is my cake :DD

All I can say is ALHAMDULILLAH that Allah still gives me chance to live my life. I really couldn’t ask for more, I have friends who love me, my special best friend who cares a lot about me, and of course my beloved family that always there, my last, safe place.
Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamiin :D


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