Thursday, February 03, 2011

Twenty is Coming

This week is my last days on the age 19 and also last days of being 'umur kepala satu' hehe. I'm going on twenty so soon. What can I say about being twenty? I dont know much because I'm not twenty yet, arent I? Haha. But I think mostly it will be starting age of more resposibility. I cant say much, I dont think that I've grown enough, still need a lot more learning. What I can say is that I am responsible to my parents, I really want to make them proud of me. My boyfriend is the one who always encourage me to do the best that I can do. I remember he, once, ever said to me 'Aku kan sengaja manas-manasin kamu, nilai aku rata-rata lebih tinggi dari kamu, biar kamu belajar' Actually he doesnt have to say it, I know it very well -_- But by his saying, I realised that he's awaken me :)
Secondly, I want to be a good role model for my brother. Well you cant say that being the first kid in a family is easy. Your parent apparently will say the 'look-your-sister' word a lot, and I assure that it isnt convenience.
Well, I just hope that I can really act just like my age should be. And of course I really thankful to Allah for giving me magnificent life :)


Astiamoy said...

ayeeee nun bentar lagi ulangtahun :) aku aja malah sampe sekarang ngga ngeh kalo aku udh 19 tahun :p

nunn said...

iyaa eneeng.
pertamanya kerasa berat mau 20, tapi harus disyukurin :)

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