Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Closing

The closing of this holiday is quite fun :D
Two, well, actually three days were just fun. Wednesday was my birthday, a little superb surprise from Hilman :))
The following day, Thursday February 10th, Hilman invited me to join his friend’s trip to Ancol. He is the head of his class, or called ‘komti’. I was doubt at first, I didn’t know these people quite well, but then Hilman told me that one of them is my elementary and high schoolmate, Uty. She and I were in one group when we were in the elementary school haha. So I decided to join them, yah at least there’s one person I’d known except Hilman himself. We went to Dufan, Ancol. And it was fun :D they are very friendly people like Hilman said to me. There were eight of us, six girls, Icha, Adin, Uty, Anis, Iyey, and me, and two boys, Himan and Willy. In almost every game we divided into four-four groups but I was once separated with Willy when we entered the Istana Boneka. That was hilarious haha, Hilman kept glancing at me. And in the last game, Bianglala, Hilman and I were separated from the other. The cabs were only fit for six people, Hilman and I joined a cab that had the space for two people left. They were yelling at us, like ‘Mama Papa turun, kita barengan aja’ LOL.
Well it was very fun, they are nice people and I don’t regret that I chose to join them. And I also feel that it is more fun to have a trip with other friends, I mean not just Hilman and me only like we did before. I felt like his friends took some candid photos of us several times hahaha. Furthermore, I was quite mingled with his friends, so it didn’t end up boring, and it did a very nice holiday :) Thank you for some of ESL 46 for permitting me to join your trip :)
This is a pic when we were thinking about playing Hysteria for the second time. LOL.

Then, Friday February 11th, Pasma had the first diving lesson! It was soooooo much fun! We were trained by our senior, Bang Rully, he is one of the second people that was inaugurated in Pasma. I took the first row with Dian, Beny, Wahid, Tami, and Vito. I was facing several problems at first, my goggles strap was too large that often slipped off my head and of course troubled me. I couldn’t dive at first, troubled with the position when we had to get in the water, I didn’t know that I had to kneel, I didn’t heard Bang Rully said it, I was busy with my goggles -_- I was quite frustrated at that time, felt that this was very hard thing to do, but then finally I made it, I could dive, breathed in the water with the regulator. I dived beside Vito, he was on my right, tried to poke him and celebrated my first breathe in the water, but the goggles – again – blocked me away, it made me hard to look around and he even maybe didn’t noticed what I was doing haha. Then we tried to swim along the pool width, I just got my first adaptation, hurray! After that, we swam along the length, and entered deeper part of the pool. Succeeded the length swimming, we inflate – or whatever it was, I forget the name -_- and we came up to the surface, like popped out of the water, it was funny haha. After that the rest of my friends took the next row, while I waited with Dian, Wahid, and Vito, and waited for my hair to get dry.
This is a pic of my row:

Well, at first my holiday was just b, o, r, i, n, g, because of the motor crashed I had on the first week of my holiday and made me stuck just at home. But it end very nicely :DD
Thank you people :D


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